Impact 17 is a national pop-up music, fashion, art & tech conference where industry leaders & world-famous Influencers share their stories with young spirited entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Attendees can expect to gain valuable insight & learn techniques that can be implemented into their respective cultures.





state-of-the-art production & Award show inspired stage - featuring Keynote speakers, Panels, & live concert performances

Fashion Show

Featuring collections including, Alessandra gold's 'The Drop' & Hoopers Dream, the fashion show will have a traditional ruNway, professional lighting, audio & a scenic technical design team

Pop-UP Station

The pop up station is an all-day event for attendees & Guests to shop exclusive brands, listen to local miami DJ's & view the work of hand selected artists, which leads up to concert headliners at night. featuring a red carpet hosted by @princehasspoken.